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Updated: May 29, 2020


Why choose Plants to You Cornwall's New Online Garden Centre?

We are always aiming to increase our sustainability and improve the way we work in accordance to our environment, the world we all share and care for. We want our customers to know what we do to ensure we are looking after our plant in the most positive way we can.

  • Since We began Plants to You Cornwall we have aimed to fulfil customers requirements whilst considering the overall affect of the businesses environmental footprint.

  • We care and endeavour to provide an online garden centre that holds itself responsible, as we all should, in improving our environmental footprint and below we have listed some of these important factors implemented.

Garden Products

  • We offer organic alternatives in all categories of chemicals and fertilisers where where they are available and we also ensure they can provide the results required.

  • Composting, water conservation and other sustainable gardening methods come highly recommended by Plants to You Cornwall.


  • We sell to you environmentally friendly plants aiming to help the birds, bees and butterflies. If you would like further information then please don't hesitate contacting us.

  • Plants capture Carbon too, don't forget!

  • We have h3eld discussions with our locally trusted suppliers to ensure the peat count is not too high and of a respectable standard.

  • We only promote British and locally grown plants in order to reduce plant mileage.

Distance and Water

  • 100% of our plants are purchased are sourced from UK nurseries with our key suppliers within 20 miles of our nursery.

  • Water usage is monitored at the nurseries we source our plants from.

  • There are also irrigation tanks which are topped up with water from the building roof and used to water the plants!

Specialist Composts

  • Our specialist composts for Roses, Shrubs, Tomatoes, Pots & Containers etc, all use 50% peat free formula and we can assure you that Up to 60% of the ingredients in John Innes composts are non-peat.

  • We are continually looking for peat free alternatives that will still provide the high level of growing performance we all desire.

  • Our suppliers are members of the Growing Media Association (GMA), a body that works closely with DEFRA and is striving to meet the Government’s aim of continuing to reduce peat usage. The GMA also requires its members to harvest any peat it uses in a sustainable fashion and ensure proper restoration and after-use measures are in place. If you would like more information on this then please do refer to the website to learn more.


  • Our policy is to offer and peat-reduced composts. We actively promote these products where we can.

  • We do not stock moss peat, or recommend products containing peat for soil improvement purposes. Instead, we always recommend best sellers with reduced peat on our Online Garden Centre.

Irrigation, Trays and Suppliers

  • We have introduced a new ‘Flood Tray’ irrigation system in our centre which uses less water than conventional overhead irrigation systems and its proven to allow healthier root growth in the plants

  • We discuss with our suppliers to find a sustainable solution that replaces the traditional plastic pot and continue to look for better methods to support our plants, Our overall aim is to move to a recycled and recyclable alternative, a benefit to the future of our world.


  • We are working with our plant suppliers and local authorities to ensure all our plastic pots are recyclable and made from recycled plastic at all times.

  • We are looking to move to coloured pots, that can be recognised and recycled by re-cycling plants and exploring ways with suppliers to make black pots recyclable

Re-use, Packaging Alternatives and Carrier Bags

  • We make old plastic pots and trays available to our customers and encourage them to re-use as many as they can.

  • We offer customers cardboard boxes as an alternative to plastic packaging if requested.

  • We've embraced the government legislation on single-use carrier bags which was brought in on October 2015.

Biodegradable Bags, Reusable Bags and Recycling

  • Our plastic bags are biodegradable

  • During 2020, we aim to remove all single use plastic bags and boot liners, replacing them with a mix of paper and re-usable bags.

  • Our scheme for recycling tin, paper, plastic bottles, shrink wrap and other clear plastics is in affect.

Local Community Activities

We are active supporters of our local communities. Plants to you Cornwall supports chosen local charities to work alongside whenever the opportunities arise.

Waste & Recycling

  • recyclable or biodegradable products are terminated in the most effective way.

  • We also recycle all of our print cartridges when using our office printer.

Wildlife & Gardening Education

  • We have wildlife friendly suppliers

  • We have good links with local schools and encourage initiatives to get children gardening


  • We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption, so we chose local unique suppliers that focus on using low energy lighting and using air source heating.

Kindest Regards,

Joe Harper

Plants to You Cornwall - Your Sustainable Online Garden Centre

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